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P J Duffy and Sons Ltd-Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital-

Published: 20 November 2019

P J Duffy and Sons Ltd-Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital-

Location: Adelaide Rd, Dublin 2,
Project Cost: €460,000.00
CIRI Member: PJ Duffy and Sons
CIRI Member No.: 150374



A new plantroom to house the plant necessary for the cataract theatre project was built near the old hospital boiler-house but nearer to the hospital. The old support frame or gantry that carried pipes from the old boiler-house to the hospital was replaced with a new support frame. The support frame /gantry supports (attached photo) the pipework between the old hospital plantroom and the hospital and also supports the pipework from the medical gases store to the hospital. In addition the new pipework and duct-work (serving the cataract theatre) from the new plantroom to the hospital is also carried on this support frame.

An area of the existing hospital was completely refurbished and the following rooms created or upgraded to create a cataract theatre and ancillary rooms. The rooms within the refurbished area are as listed below;

Sterile products store.
Patient preparation room.
Nurse reception.
Accessible WC.
Ambulant staff WC
Comms room (existing but within the site boundaries)
Tea room.
Clean utility room.
Dirty utility room.
Electrical plant room.
Patient discharge room.
Anesthesia room (which is separated from the theatre by a sliding door).

All the works carried out, were carried out on a live working hospital with-out any interference to the day to day running of the hospital procedures. 

The project was delivered on time and on budget and during the project we used a new press piping system to reduce future pipe corrosion issues and installation times.

Overall this was a very successful project for PJ Duffy and Sons and gave us the confidence to pursue other specialized contracts within other Medical institutions.    

CIRI Member Realtionship: PJ Duffy and Sons Ltd

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