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What is the Voluntary Construction Register?

VCR is an online register, supported by Government, of competent builders, contractors, specialist sub-contractors and tradespersons who undertake to carry out construction works. Its objective is to be recognized as the primary online resource used by consumers in the public and private procurement of construction services.

When engaging a VCR registered construction entity, consumers can be confident that they are dealing with experienced people. VCR standards are high and only construction companies, sole traders and builders who meet the strict eligibility criteria are registered on VCR.

The registered title is a professional designation granted to an applicant who meets specific requirements as outlined by the VCR Admission and Registrations Board. Becoming a Registered Builder means that the applicant has subjected oneself to an onerous review process to obtain the designated registration category under the register.

By registering with VCR, members commit to delivering excellence in every aspect of their work. They are competent and capable to deliver the job at hand, they run their business in a professional manner and they sign up to continuous professional development to stay at the forefront of construction best practices.

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 state that a building owner is required to assign a competent builder who will construct in accordance with the plans, specifications and Building Regulations, and who will sign the Certificate of Compliance on Completion. Builders included on the Voluntary Construction Register are regarded as competent for projects consistent with their registration profile.

What is CIRI?

More About VCR

The Voluntary Construction Register is here to help consumers. Find out more about how VCR can help you.

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  • How the Online Register Works

    Consumers can search on VCR in a number of ways

    • Look for a particular member by VCR registration number, company name, or primary contact name
    • See what builders, contractors, specialist sub-contractors or tradespersons are registered in their area
    • Search from 30+ categories of registration (e.g. single house, plastering & plastering systems, civil engineering works)
  • VCR Member Requirements
    • Competence and experience
    • Technical Capability
    • Continuous Professional Development
    • Industry Code of Conduct
    • Tax Compliant
    • Health & Safety Statement
    • Insured
    • VAT Registered
    • Environmental Assurance
    • Quality Assurance
    • Knowledge of Building Regulations
    • Regulatory & Statutory Compliance
  • Governance

    The VCR Admissions & Registration Board ensures the highest standards of VCR are maintained to continue the on-going credibility of the VCR register. The Board establishes and oversees appropriate standards of ethics, competence, skills and knowledge in the construction industry.

    The Board consists of the following members:

    • Mr. Kevin Sheridan, Chartered Surveyor.
    • Mr. Martin Vaughan, Assistant Principal Officer, Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage
    • Ms. Carol Tallon, CEO of Property District.
    • Mr. PJ Ryan, Head of Sustainability, CIF.
    • Mr. Conor Greham, Business Development Executive, CIF.

    The Voluntary Construction Register has been set up by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) in consultation with the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage . To find out more about the Construction Industry Federation click here.

    If you wish to contact the Voluntary Construction Industry Register click here.

  • The VCR Process

    The CIRI process explained


Voluntary Construction Register

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